Image While the Exhibitor Hall is open there will be a number of presentations and learning sessions. This list of presenters will continue to grow as they are confirmed. These sessions are included with Delegate registration; a select few are also open to the general public (indicated with a *) WHERE SEATING AVAILABILITY PERMITS.

Friday June 23rd


Concurrent Sessions A: 09:00 to 09:45


*Transportation Safety Board

The mandate of the TSB is to advance transportation safety in the marine, pipeline, rail and air modes of transportation. The presentation by TSB is a welcome addition to our session line up. Participants attending this session may learn about the ongoing investigations, safety deficiencies, recommendations reporting on investigation findings.


Additional Ratings: Why and How, Marc Vanderaegen

Marc Vanderaegen is the Flight School Director, Instructor, Multi-Engine and IFR Examiner, at Southern Interior Flight Centre for the Carson Group and Okanagan College Commercial Aviation Diploma Program. Marc has 30 years of aviation experience including 11 years as a water bomber pilot and 16 years working for an established CAR 702,703,705 northern-based Airline as a line pilot, approved check pilot and Operations Manager.

Discussion topics include: Minimum requirements and reasonable expectations for additional ratings, Current hiring trends in the aviation industry


*Aircraft Ownership: Part 1, Isaac Capua of Aviation Unlimited

This short seminar will help you understand the key considerations associated with buying an aircraft. We will discuss items such as how to establish your flying objectives, how to determine aircraft choices, the purchase and registration process, estimating operating costs, potentially some financing options, a brief introduction on the insurance options, estimating annual expenses, estimating depreciation, and how to sell your aircraft.

Concurrent Sessions B: 10:00 to 10:45


*'Round the World in 80 Days, Dave McElroy

Have you ever landed in a thunderstorm - single-pilot IFR - in India? This guy has. Come and hear about Dave's 2014 flight 1 1/2 times around planet Earth. He landed back at Toronto Island Airport exactly 80 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes after departure, becoming just the 198th person in world history to accomplish that feat. Dave will share some incredible stories and pictures about that great adventure, and also tell us about the next big adventure: Give Hope Wings - One Epic Flight to fundraise for Hope Air.


Jeff Cochrane of NAV Canada

The future NAV requirements, including the process we plan to undertake to consider ADS-B requirements in Canada.


*Aircraft Ownership: Part 2, Isaac Capua of Aviation Unlimited

A continuation of the previous session.

Concurrent Sessions C: 11:00 to 11:45

Image Image

*Unveiling of Economic Impact Study of General Aviation in Canada, Bernard Gervais & Celina Estrella of InterVIstas

Economic impact is a measure of the employment, spending and economic activity associated with a sector of the economy, a specific project (such as the construction of new infrastructure), or a change in government policy or regulation. In this case, economic impact refers to the economic contribution associated with the ongoing operations and activities of general aviation operations and general aviation-related businesses in Canada. COPA commissioned this economic impact study to gain a better understanding and grasp of the economic impact of GA in Canada in 2017. Come and find out how much we all bring to the Canadian economy.


What's New - Flying with ForeFlight: Sam Wilson, ForeFlight Pilot Support Team

From flight planning to better inflight situational awareness, ForeFlight is essential for making informed aeronautical decisions. Follow along with your iPad and add these top tips and tricks to your ForeFlight know-how.


Aviation Insurance - What Every Pilot Needs to Know, Greg Sterling of AIG Aerospace

Presented by 30 year aerospace insurance industry expert Greg Sterling of AIG Aerospace this face-paced, interactive session is designed to answer your frequently asked questions on aviation insurance like, "How is my rate calculated? What can I do to reduce the cost of my insurance? Aren't all insurance policies the same? How do I move up to another aircraft? Do aircraft renters need insurance too? What will happen to my coverage as I get older?" and much, much more. Presented in cooperation with COPA VIP Insurance Program provider Magnes Group.

Concurrent Sessions D: 13:00 to 13:45


*Survival Shakedown, Ryan Van Haren of BC General Aviation Association

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your aircraft is your survival kit. The survival kit will vary in contents depending on the season but should contain enough supplies to provide everyone on board your aircraft with shelter, fire and water for a reasonable amount of time to allow for rescue. Come learn what the participants of two BCGA Survival Shakedowns learned after spending 24 hours in the wilds of British Columbia relying on nothing more than what was in their aircraft survival kit and the clothes they typically wear. The experience left all of them with lessons.


What To Do If Intercepted By An F18, Major Dan Walters, NORAD

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) is the bi-national command responsible for aerospace warning and control for Canada and the U.S.A. Every year, hundreds of pilots violate temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) resulting in armed fighter intercepts and significant consequences for offenders. NORAD staff will be briefing how to avoid TFRs, how to plan flights around Washington, D.C., and what to do if you are intercepted.


Restricted Radio Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification, Kelly Sheret
Please help us plan for this session by pre-registering here.

Great opportunity for all Right Seat occupants, and those who would like a ROC-A referesher! Kelly will present an overview session for participants who have pre-studied the RIC-21 Study Guide for the Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A). After the session, participants will complete their exam and Kelly will complete and submit the certified application forms for the successful candidates to earn their ROC-A.

Kelly Sheret is an experienced Class 2 Instructor, Commercial Pilot with ATPL rating, and Radio license examiner. Kelly is endorsed on various types of aircraft and is experienced in forestry, fire patrol and general charter operations. Kelly was featured in an Okanagan Women Magazine Women in Aviation article in 2015.

Concurrent Sessions E: 14:00 to 14:45


*Steve Thorne of Flightchops

A private pilot and film maker, Steve Thorne has combined his passions to create a unique YouTube channel centered around debriefing flights. Flight Chops creates immersive, experiential flying videos. Self-described as "the least cocky pilot on the internet", Steve has learned a lot about how to get the most out of your flying by recording and debriefing flights thoroughly. His process of un apologetically sharing his experiences (good and bad) has taught him a lot about the pit falls, and benefits of social media as related to aviation. This talk will address everything from modern tools for debriefing, to film making, and navigating the word of internet aviation.

Watch Steve working with the Google Pilot group here!


Smart, Ted Rankine and Alton King

Another highly anticipated session: IS aviation safety education. Launched by CASARA, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association in 2013, offers a wide range of free aviation safety topics and presentations on video, in text and through interactive programming. This presentation will provide a short overview of and introduce its new plans for topics and delivery mechanisms in the coming year. Featured will be the new seminar series that will be valuable for associations, flying clubs, etc. to help engage and keep members flying safer. Plus, we would also like to hear topics that you think will be important to include in future programming.


The BIG DIG CYOO, Stephen Wilcox, Airport Manager at Oshawa Executive Airport

In September of this year Oshawa will undertake an aggressive program to completely rebuild its 4246 foot primary runway in just 35 days. Construction crews will work around the clock with monster trucks and excavators and the airport will be completely closed for the 35 days of the construction period. Stephen's presentation will walk you through the history, consultation and decision process that it takes to shut down one of Canada busiest GA airport and ask 250 aircraft owners and 18 aviation business to find a temporary home.

Stephen Wilcox has been a member of COPA since 1978 and has logged over 7000 hours flying in GA aircraft since then. Today he serves as the Vice-President of the Airport Management Council of Ontario, is a member of the Nav Canada Advisory Committee and is the Airport Manager for the Oshawa Executive Airport, the primary GA only airport serving Toronto.

Saturday June 24th

Concurrent Sessions F: 13:00 to 13:45


*Discussion Panel: Transport Canada - General Aviation Safety

This session will include information and announcements regarding a highly anticipated General Aviation Safety Campaign.


*'Round the World in 80 Days, Dave McElroy repeat

In 2014 Dave McElroy flew a single-engine aircraft 1 1/2 times around the world for charity. When he landed back at Toronto's Island Airport precisely 80 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes after departure, he was just the 198th person in world history to accomplish this feat.

Dave will share some edge-of-your-seat stories from his Round The World (RTW80) trip, as well as tell you about his next big adventure, Give Hope Wings, "One Epic Flight" to fundraise for Hope Air.


ForeFlight: the app pilots depend on. repeat

This well attended and highly anticipated session will update all ForeFlight app users (and wannabe's) with the newest additions, tips & tricks, for sharing your flight deck with ForeFlight!

Concurrent Sessions G: 14:00 to 14:45


The Dawn Of The Jetsons - From Cartoon To Reality, Flying Cars Are Here To Stay, Mark Jennings-Bates

Mark Jennings-Bates, a North American leader in the flying car space, will give us an overview of what is working and what is not working in the development of flying cars and provide examples of what is important in the design program for this split personalty transportation vehicle.

Mark is a Vice President for PAL-V North America who are the manufacturers of the world's first flying car, the PAL-V Liberty which is now on sale across North America.


Aviation Insurance - What Every Pilot Needs to Know, Greg Sterling of AIG Aerospace repeat

Presented by 30 year aerospace insurance industry expert Greg Sterling of AIG Aerospace this face-paced, interactive session is designed to answer your frequently asked questions on aviation insurance like, "How is my rate calculated? What can I do to reduce the cost of my insurance? Aren't all insurance policies the same? How do I move up to another aircraft? Do aircraft renters need insurance too? What will happen to my coverage as I get older?" and much, much more. Presented in cooperation with COPA VIP Insurance Program provider Magnes Group.


*Discussion Panel: Attracting new pilots and keeping them involved in the aviation community.

Come join the discussion! This panel session moderated by Carter Mann includes guest panelists Jill Oakes, Ryan Van Haren, Mikey McBryan, Steve Thorne and Mireille Goyer. Topics include:
  • Accessibility - breaking down the barriers to becoming a pilot
  • Common misconceptions about general aviation
  • Why become a member of a local flying club
  • How flying clubs can attract and retain new YOUNG members
  • Preserving the future of general aviation in Canada.

Panel Members:
Image Dr. Jill Oakes is an active member of the MB 99s, helping to produce the first airshow in Manitoba in a decade, annual flying events designed to inspire others to explore aviation, she loves to fly, has built her AcroSport from scratch and Land Africa from a kit, with the help of fellow builders, and teaches Aviation Geography at the University of Manitoba. Jill helps manage the only club plane owned by a 99 Chapter world wide, a C150, C-FLUG, donated to the chapter by a senior pilot for women to build hours for their advanced ratings.

ImageRyan Van Haren is an Air Traffic Controller and holds an Airline Transport Pilot license, he currently works the Victoria Terminal airspace. Ryan spent 11 years working as a commercial pilot flying everything from bush planes in the arctic to corporate jets overseas and also manages the BC General Aviation Association. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his Wife and two children, engaging the General Aviation community and flying his homebuilt Bearhawk aircraft.

ImageMireille Goyer is an unrelenting aviation outreach advocate, and has authored multiple aviation courses for flight schools and corporations. Goyer began to focus on addressing aviation's gender imbalance in late 2009 and launched her award winning female outreach model in March 2010, has revolutionized the industry. Goyer has thousands of flight hours under her belt, holds Airline Transport Pilot licenses in multiple countries, writes a column for Canadian Aviator Magazine, and is the proud recipient of COPA's President Award, AOPA's Let's Go Flying Award, and the Ninety-Nines' Award of Inspiration.

Image Mikey McBryan is easily recognized as the laid-back star personality at Buffalo Airways, son of infamous Buffalo Joe. What many don't know is that Mikey is the General Manager of Buffalo Airways and a graduate of the Red Deer College Business Administration program. Mikey has a unique perspective on the aviation industry from his position behind the camera and in the flight deck.

Image Steve Thorne is a private pilot and film maker. Thorne is the producer of the unique YouTube channel Flight Chops creating immersive, experiential 'debriefing' flight videos.