AVICON 2017 in Kelowna

Interested in Aviation? Join our Volunteer Team and be a part of the coolest event in Kelowna in 2017! We are currently recruiting for volunteers in:

Tower View Aircraft Parking and Campground
  • aircraft marshallers appropriate skills/training required
  • security appropriate skill set/character required
  • YLW Ambassadors
  • Pilot Ambassador transport: we are in need of drivers to transport pilots from Tower View aircraft parking to their hotel accommodation on Wednesday and Thursday, and from their hotels back to Tower View on Sunday (early!)

    Vehicles should have appropriate vehicle space (4+ seats), Drivers must have a clean driving record and appropriate insurance. Fuel to be reimbursed.

There are two ways to apply to join our committee:
  1. Complete and send the Volunteer Application Form via email

  2. Complete the following form and submit: