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Welcome to Kelowna! CYLW is a beautiful destination for all aviators!

Download a .PDF of everything a visiting pilot might need to know about services and transportation after landing at CYLW.

Please note the following charts and information are DATED and may be EXPIRED. Always check your most recent CFS for the most recent information.
per CFS effective 0901Z 8 January 2015 to 0901Z 5 March 2015

Airport Elevation 1421

Runway and Taxiways
Rwy 16 (157°)/34(337°) 8900x200 asphalt. Thld 16 displ 1200' Thld 34 displ 400'
Rwy 16 down 0.9% first 7237'
Rwy 34 down 0.6% frst 1663'
Twy D and Twy # rstd to acft with wingspans less than 125'

RCO - Penticton rdo 119.6 (RAAS) 0630-14Z Pacific rdo 122.5 9FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
ATIS - 127.5   14-0630Z     250-491-0310 GND - 121.7   14-0630Z
TWR - 119.6     292.2  (V) 14-0630Z MF - Penticton rdo 119.6 0630-14Z AWOS - 127.5

Airport Diagrams

Aerodrome Chart (.PDF)

Apron III Parking (.PDF)

Itinerant Parking

Aircraft wash bay and itinerant parking available at Kelowna Flying Club clubhouse on Apron III.
Fees payable to CYLW - $14.00 per night*
*fees subject to change

link to YLW Pilot Information | Aircraft Parking Rates

Dispelling the Myth: Itinerant Parking
Yes, CYLW does offer Itinerant Parking. As of July 2016 there are up to 6 or 7 spots on APRON III on BOTH sides of the Flying Club building. You can find the up-to-date chart: On the north side of the building Itinerant parking is adjacent to Airport Way from the Wash Bay area up to the north end of the fence jut-out. Aircraft may now also park on the south side of the building, despite the "No aircraft parking" signs (which have not yet been removed).

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