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Thank you for attending the 2018 COPA For Kids Aviator Program


Link to Registration

Registration for COPA  2019  opens May 1st.  2019

Link to Waiver

This waiver is a PDF format, you can print from here.

About the COPA for Kids Aviation Program

The mission of the COPA for Kids Aviation Program is to provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on an introductory flight in an aircraft. These flights are provided free of charge by the local chapters ('Flights') of Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) to any youth aged 8 to 17 inclusive wishing to become a Junior Aviator.

How to Participate as a Junior Aviator:

  • register for the event on line HERE!
  • tell all your friends (this is a first-registered-first-reserved event!)
  • read the instructions and FAQ information in your confirmation email
  • show up on event day - BE ON TIME! There is plenty of stuff to do, so come EARLY
  • sign in when you arrive at the airfield and have your parents SIGN THE WAIVER
  • follow all instructions given to you; you will be assigned to a Pilot and plane
  • attend the Ground School
  • be ready in the 'on deck' area before your flight
  • accompany the assigned ground-crew to board your aircraft

Kudos and Comments  COPA For Kids

Thank you to everyone that helped make this event happen again this year! Our boys are 13 and 15 and had a fabulous time! Our 15 year old is seriously considering a career in aviation. We never would have even thought about this as a career before this event. We really appreciate this event and can't thank everyone involved enough, for volunteering your time, money, planes, and patience to put this event on! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jonathan's plan is to try to become an air traffic control person (thanks to the two gentlemen we talked to at the education booth) and then make money to take flying lessons to become a pilot. Why not have two or three careers? :) Thank you for giving our son a vision and goal in life. He is completely taken with flying!"

Dave & Esther F.



"You absolutely rock! My 17-year-old was pretty hard to please but he thought it was VERY cool! ... Once again, amazing job, you guys. I feel so lucky to have my children there."

Marriana C.



"Thank you so much. My daughter Francesca (16) Had a great time at the open day. Many thanks to all the great volunteers."

Amanda C.



"An excellent day!! Thanks to all who participated in making this a very special occasion for our 11 year old son. He had a fantastic day!"

Esther H.



"Thank you for the great opportunity! My daughter loved it: You Tube video of flight

Naomi O.



"To everyone who organized COPA for kids - Thank you. It was an amazing day:) Both my boys loved it and it has fuelled their passion to become fighter pilots to another level. Thank you once again."

Cinzia M.



What about the under-8 and over-17 crowd?

There is plenty for you to do, too! Make this a family and/or group event! There will be activities, static displays, exhibitors, food vendors and CYLW Community members on hand to answer questions and share how you can be more active and involved with your local airport!