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Club funds Bursary for Students to help them obtain their Commercial Pilot Licence



Our club has signed an agreement with the Okanagan College Foundation to fund a $3,000 annual award which will help a flying student obtain a commercial pilot licence. The Award is known as the Kelowna Flying Club Bursary.


Why did we do this? Our goal as a club is to promote aviation in the Okanagan Valley and we see this Bursary as a way of helping to give students an opportunity to obtain their license at a lower cost. It will also help, in a small way, to provide the 3,500 commercial pilots we must train each year to replace pilots retiring from Canadian airlines in each of the next few years.


Who can apply for the bursary? Applications will be received from a student in the Commercial Aviation Program of Okanagan College. The student must have completed the 100 level (first year) aviation courses, and be continuing in the 200 level programs. Selection of the bursary recipient will be based on a combination of achieving a minimum of 75% in academic achievement, financial need and the quality of a personal statement including their background and explaining why they want a professional flying career.


Will the club have any say in the selection of applicants? Yes, one or two persons from the club will be able to attend the interviews of the applicants. The Okanagan College Foundation will make the initial selections of potential candidates.


How will the bursary be spent? The $3,000 bursary will fund a student to join the club’s Flying Program and allow the student to rack up as many hours as they can book. The bursary will cover the one-time fee to join the Flying Program and the first 12 hours of flight including a checkout in the club’s Grumman Tiger. After that the student will have to pay to use the plane at the normal rate for Flying Program members, and at all times pay for their fuel. Reserving the plane will be done through the Flying Program automated booking system.


How is it financed? Each year, the club supports “COPA for Kids” and, in conjunction with that event, the club operates a draw, approved by the BC Lottery Commission, which provides the funds for this award. We owe the prize, two flights anywhere WestJet flies, to the generosity of Westjet, whose staff also help with COPA for Kids. The Lottery Commission is very particular about the money from the draw being used to further young peoples’ aviation careers. We hope to be able to fund more students with the money we make from the draw. We also expect that with a goal such as this we, as a club, will be able to sell more raffle tickets.