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When you arrive at Kelowna airport you'll be welcomed by a comfortable, friendly airport without the usual hassles and wait times of many other big city airports. And that means getting to your final destination in the Okanagan faster!


The Kelowna YLW airport has undergone major expansion in the recent past to accommodate for the continuously growing number of air travelers into the Okanagan BC.


And being centrally located in the Okanagan, it's easy to get to anywhere in the valley from the airport, within a short period of time



Do you dream of flying?  For many, the miracle of flight inspires wonder and awe; and learning to fly is a challenge many aspire to accomplish. It is not only a fun, rewarding adventure but can lead to interesting career and travel opportunities, such as becoming a commercial pilot for a major airline or flying your own jet plane.

At Pacific Rim Aviation Academy, we share your passion and dream of flight. Our mission is to train a new generation of pilots with new generation aircraft so they can serve the aviation industry with the highest level of airmanship and safety standards.


At Magnes, we do things differently. With effort and care, we deliver the very best personalized insurance coverage and risk management advice. We serve businesses and individuals who appreciate quality, precision and value in a way that many other insurance brokerages can’t or won’t.

As an independent Insurance broker, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward, uncomplicated and honest advice. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Not to increase market share but because it’s the right thing to do.

At Magnes, we go above and beyond to identify solutions and present you with options at a fair price.


Efforts made to locate a comfortable flight suit proved difficult as most offerings were in the form of military surplus which were tired, baggy and came with interesting odours.


The obvious solution was to design a practical garment that would fit the needs of private or corporate pilots, while avoiding the “Top Gun” military look that most non-military pilots shunned.  Using my garment design skills, I managed to put together a smart, well- fitting Flightsuit using quality hard wearing twill fabric, featuring a number of useful pockets.



Our Kelowna Airport hotel is located just across the way from the Kelowna International Airport terminals. We make traveling even easier with our free 24-hour airport shuttle always running to and from the hotel. Our hotel is a short drive from the heart of Kelowna, Okanagan Lake and University of British Columbia Okanagan. Experience year-round outdoor adventure in Kelowna with our nearby ski resorts, Kelowna hiking trails, 20 picturesque golf courses, and stunning wineries.


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Canadian Aviator is Canada’s independently owned magazine for pilots, future pilots and those interested in Canadian aviation. It is owned by Russ Niles, a Cessna 140 owner, who acquired full ownership in May of 2014