Board of Directors

Dave McElroy


Dave McElroy spent most of his working career as a senior executive in the lumber / wood products business. He recently retired from Norbord Inc, a two billion dollar Toronto-based company with assets in Canada, the US and Europe. His most recent posting was as Deputy Managing Director of Norbord Europe. He and partner Debbie lived in Stirling, Scotland for fifteen years prior to returning to Canada in 2015, at which time they moved to Kelowna. He has two sons and four grandchildren.

Dave has devoted a lot of his time to charitable organizations over past decades during which he has Chaired, and served on the Boards, of six different organizations. Three of these were non-profit societies delivering social services – in Victoria, Richmond and Toronto. The other three have been aviation organizations: The Scottish Aero Club of Perth, Scotland, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and the Kelowna Flying Club, which he now serves as President.

Dave’s life-long passion has been flying. He has flown more than 4000 hours in 29 different aircraft types through more than 60 countries. He is current with IFR, single & multi-engine ratings and flies his own Vans RV6 from Kelowna Airport. In 2014 he flew a single-engine Piper Comanche around the world. This unusual achievement raised over $150,000 for two charities: Sick Kids Foundation of Toronto and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance of Perth, Scotland. In 2015 he was awarded the Norton Griffiths Challenge Trophy by The Royal Aero Club in London.

In 2018 and 2019 Dave spearheaded two more major long-distance flights totaling over 50,000 km which generated donations of over $750,000 to Hope Air, the national charity providing free flights to Canadians who must travel to health care far from home.

Michael Blair


Michael learned to fly on the “North Strip” (where the main terminal is now located) at Vancouver International Airport in 1962 while working as a trainee reporter at The Vancouver Province. Courtesy of the Canadian government his 35 hours to get a private licence cost only $350. His cross- country requirement was to fly to the then grass strip at Chilliwack.

During his career as a correspondent in the United Kingdom, Argentina and New York and then a business manager in Mexico for Reuters News Agency, and a telecommunications entrepreneur in Asia based in Hong Kong and then Ghana, he lived outside of Canada for 42 years.

Flying outside of Canada is not simple, so when he visited Canada each year he went flying. He was president of the Kelowna Flying Club in 2009. He is certified for day VFR single engine, and has flown the Cessna 140, 150, 172 and 175, Piper Colt and Arrow. He has flown across Canada to Ottawa, to La Ronge and throughout that area of Northern Saskatchewan, to Yellowknife, NWT, and several times between San Diego and Canada.

July this year Michael visited Ghana to see the progress of a School he helped found in 2002, and of which he is now chairman and fund raiser. It was initially an IT school for youths who could not get a job without computer training, but now combines that with a school for 56 mainly primary children. He has been a board member for various companies around the world, and in Kelowna is executive chairman of Helios Global Technologies which promotes worker safety products including material to reduce concussions in sports.

Gene Creelman


Gene’s interest in aviation took hold in Saskatchewan where the travel distances are vast and the terrain is flat. Training was received the Regina Flying Club and private license achieved in 1987. Since then, Gene has added his night rating and VFROT ratings after having moved to BC.

Gene has been on the KFC board for several years after having spent 10 years on the board of the Abbotsford International Airshow where he served as president for the last 3 years just prior to moving to Kelowna.

Working in the financial sector, Gene sits on several provincial and national committees and is on the board of the Credit Union Foundation of BC, all of which provide insight for being on the board of the KFC.

David Lindsey

Itinerant Parking

David took his first introductory flight from a small airfield in Squamish, B.C., March 30, 1979. As a young man he would hitchhike from Whistler, B.C. where he worked as a logger. From that auspicious beginning he slowly accumulated instruction and hours through various flight schools – Victoria Flying Club, Edmonton Flying Club, Pacific Flying Club. After completing his PPL, it wasn’t until 2012 that flying suddenly developed a practical purpose – Living in Kelowna with an office in Prince George required monthly trips. Flying!

Chad Gartly

Flying Program Maintenance

Chad’s first flight in any airplane was in a Cessna 150 piloted by his older brother at age 12, from that point on Chad new he wanted to be a pilot someday. Chad obtained his private pilot license in 2009, added a night endorsement and VFR OTT rating and has been flying nonstop since, he is currently working on his instrument rating and commercial pilots license. Chad currently owns a share in a PA38 Piper Tomahawk, PA-32-300 Cherokee Six & Cessna 172 as well as is a member of the KFC flying program.

Chad has been involved with KFC since just prior to being licensed, including as Treasurer, President & various other director duties.

Chad works in the communications sector as a network technician for Shaw Cable and enjoys his time off with his wife and 4 kids, especially when he can get them in the airplane! “

James Sexton


Since a young’un in Australia, to the innards of Toronto, this pilot wannabe has dreamt of touching an airplane (legally). He grew up to be an accountant (who doesn’t get his taxes done on time), amazing father to 6 (on purpose), a loved husband (by a very sexy and slim wife). James has a twisted & sick sense of humor and a great sense of calmness that he carries with him. James is great asset to anyone and any organization which is lucky enough to embrace his many talents.

Jon Itterman


Jon Itterman has been flying since 1995 and joined the Kelowna Flying Club in 2010. He has a commercial license and is multi-engine rated with over 1100 hours total time.

Since 1995 he and his wife have owned the following; a Cessna 150, 2, Cessna 172’s, a Piper PA-30, a Citabria, and a Maule M-4 210C. He and his wife currently own and fly a Maule M-4 – 220C.

Jon was a board member of the Kelowna Aqua Jets Swim club for two years and currently sits a director with the RVDA of BC and is the RVDA of BC representative on the HR/ED Committee for RVDA of Canada.

He is passionate about flying and combines that with his love of the outdoors.

He is honored to be a member of the Kelowna Flying Club’s Board of directors and as Copa Flight 36 Captain works to ensure great events like COPA for Kids will continue to promote General Aviation throughout the Okanagan.