Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking for Aircraft

  • At this time there are just four GA parking spots, all on Apron 3 next to the Kelowna Flying Clubhouse.
  • Parking charges will be invoiced by YLW authorities from your contact info with aircraft registration.
  • The Flying Club is working to make major permanent improvements to this situation. Until we can do so – if there is not a spot available for you on Apron 3, we will endeavor to help you find alternate parking for your visit.
  • Aeroshell, (250) 765-8155, offers ramp parking for $25/twenty-four-hour-period-or-part-thereof-since-arrival, this fee is waived for the first period if >=50litres of Avgas is purchased. 100LL prices as of Aug 2020 are: <50litres $2.08CAD; >=50 and < 100 litres $1.96CAD; >=100 litres $1.85CAD. These prices include taxes.

Clubhouse street address

  • 6135 Airport Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 1S1
  • There is ample car parking about 100 meters south-west of the clubhouse on the west side of Airport Way.
  • Google Maps of Clubhouse

Clubhouse airside location

  • Apron 3 – which also serves as the Customs Clearance, Visitor Parking and run-up area for GA Pilots.

Clubhouse entry code

  • Main entrance on the north side of the clubhouse use the commonly known Emergency Frequency.
  • There is an unlocked entry on the east side of the Clubhouse which provides easy access to washrooms

Aviation Fuel 

  • At this time there is just one supplier here at YLW –
  • Truck delivers avgas to aircraft on Apron 3.
  • Phone (250) 765-8155
  • Payment by credit card.
  • Apron 3 is an official Canada Customs clearance area.
  • Ramp charge applies for visitors to the Aeroshell ramp.
  • Kelowna Flying Club members enjoy a $.22/liter discount with Aeroshell.

Customs clearance at YLW

  • There are two locations authorized by CBSA – Request taxi instructions on Kelowna Ground (121.7) ….
    • “Apron 3 next to the Kelowna Flying Clubhouse”
    • OR “the Aeroshell ramp.”
    • Both are in the north-west end of the airport.
  • There is a ramp fee for using the Aeroshell facility for this purpose, however it is waived for members of the Kelowna Flying Club who park there to take on fuel.

Uncontrolled air traffic outside the Class D

  • The Penticton flight school (BP Aviation) uses the area along Lake Okanagan between Westbank and Summerland. There are new reporting points in the Canada Flight Supplement (pg B793 as of this writing), namely Peachland and Squalley Point. Also, Chute Lake on the direct route between YLW and Penticton. Please give position reports and monitor 126.7 while transiting the area outside of the YLW class-D zone.
  • There is a float-plane operation out of The Grand Hotel, 1 mile north of the Highway 97 bridge over Lake Okanagan, on the east shore.
  • There is a helicopter operation about 3 miles west-south-west of the same bridge.


  • If you are a club member and would like to be added into the Kelowna Flying Club WhatsApp group, please send in a request via the Contact Us page.
  • The WhatsApp group is a great way to get answers to immediate questions you may have and is eagerly checked with new message arrivals.
  • Get opinions as soon as possible about how to approach something; coordinate; access etc.